Baraka Documentary

Baraka at Bucknell University

Create your own 1 minute Baraka Documentary. You must figure out what aspects of or interactions within Bucknell would fit in with the style and the themes of Baraka. One of Milofsky’s Baraka discussion questions asked you to come up with criteria that might have been used to select and include scenes in Baraka. Use your criteria list to find, select, and explain scenes you can encounter at Bucknell to create your documentary.

Include at least 6 shots drawing on the the Shooting Techniques document made available for SOCI 206. This will be an “in-camera” edit and shots will appear in the order in which you film them. So all shooting must be planned and highly intentional.

You must use an editing program such as iMovie or FCP X to remove the footage from your camera. Place the clips you create on the timeline in the exiting program in the order in which you shot them and export your video. Upload your footage to MediaSpace. Utilize the Multimedia Consultants that are available Sunday through Thursday from 3-11pm in the video lab.

Baraka Questionaire

Shooting Techniques

Answer the following questions:

1. Why did you arrange your shots in that order? How did the juxtaposition help tell your story effectively?
2. What shooting techniques did you choose and what meaning did they convey?


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